About Us



Hi Magic Seekers, Free Spirits and Out-of-the-box thinkers

I´m Miriam – an empath, sensitive creature, light artist and full of passion which you will feel/see Taking photographs of people madly in love is my favorite thing to do in the world. I love to encourage you to let your feelings out and let them shine on camera.

Miriam´s strengths:

  • Super positive aura with the ability to let people warm very quickly
  • The ability to make you feel totally at ease in front of the camera
  • Encourage people to follow their dreams and live out their passions
  • An empathic and spiritual sense of moments and the artistic eye to draw with light
I firmly believe that every human has something wonderful and unique about them. And if everyone shared this inner light, the whole world would become a better place! This is my life mantra. Every day, I express my inner self through yoga, gratitude, mindfulness, respectful interaction, sustainable living, and personal development.

Hi Folks, Beautiful Souls, Sound Dancers

I´m Ian – sensitive, charismatic and with the passion to give people a glimpse of freedom and fun. My passion is to touch you and your guests with my voice and guide your wedding in uplifting directions. My ability to read a crowd helps me to direct every nationality to enjoy and memorize an even for eternity. In my entertainment I sing (a wide range of songs) with the intention to involve people, so they can enjoy themselves and leave boundaries for a couple of hours in their pockets, create the right background music and guide you as an Mc.

Ian´s strengths:

  • A wonderful charismatic voice (professional trained) which will touch your emotional side

  • A positive attitude and the ability of a stressfree troubleshoot and always solution orientated on the day (23 yrs in the business helps)

  • The ability to read and act for every crowd couple how its needed to create a magical celebration.


I believe in the awareness of equality, so let’s treat each other with respect. Make conscious choices and not take advantage of each other when the other is in trouble.